Past Productions

November 2023 “Aladdin”

Spring 2023

November 2022

November 2019

Murder in Cue by Robin Jennifer Miller

Spring 2019

Flights of Fancy  3 one act plays by David Campton

Angel Unwilling, Singing in the Wilderness and Parcel

November 2018…

Babes in the Wood a pantomime by Paul Reakes

Spring 2018…

Joking Apart by Alan Ayckbourn


November 2017…

Worlds apart

3 One Act plays:

Any Other Tuesday by Kathy Mead

The Final Movement by Brian J Burton

Ghost Night by John Grange & Peter Vincent

Spring 2017…

No Time for Fig Leaves by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King

An atomic apocalypse has wiped out all the men, leaving the women in charge. But what if some men did survive…?

Trouble in Pantoland, Nov 2016


Spring 2016…

Michael Palin  “The Weekend”

A contemporary comedy where Stephen Febble does his best to be difficult when the family come for the weekend, climaxing in a disastrous dinner party


Nov 2015…

Geoff Saunders   “The Inaccurate Conception”

A comic look at the Nativity as done by seven – year olds


Spring 2015…

“Three Carols and a Bread Pudding”

Four one act plays

Lynn Brittney    “Properly Processed”, “Failed Investments”, “Have a Nice Day”

Nick Warburton    “The Last Bread Pudding”

Nov 2014...

“Cinderella, the Pantomime”

Spring 2014…

“Who Calls?”

Three, one act plays, in which strangers call

J.B. Priestley     “The Rose and Crown”

The locals are ‘enjoying’ a ‘quiet’ drink. Amid their bickering, a stranger calls. He knows all their names! Just who is he?

 Ursula Bloom   “One Wedding, Two Brides”

The day of the wedding! The cake! The lobster! Then a girl calls, a stranger. Bigamy or not bigamy? That is the question…

Arthur Aldrich     “The Housewarming”

Brian and Michelle have just bought their dream house. Two elderly ladies call, bringing back nightmares from the past…

November  2013…

Norman Robbins        “Tomb with a view”

The tomb family gather for the reading of the will of the not so dearly departed Septimus Tomb, intrigue and murder ensue.

Spring  2013…   

Jimmie Chin       “Secrets in the Family”

Three one act plays:

“A Respectable Funeral”, “In by the half”,  “But yesterday”

Earlier Productions

The following list of plays show the range and interest of the drama group:

  • a Tomb with a View – a comedy-thriller (by Norman Robbins)
  • Conversations – An entertaining variety of Monologues, Duologues and sketches
  • Confusions (5 linked 1-act plays by Alan Ayckbourne)
  • Murder in Play (by Simon Brett)
  • What are Little Girls Made of? (a comedy by Peter Coke)
  • Key for Two (a comedy by J Chapman and D Freeman)
  • Fool’s Paradise (a comedy by Peter Coke)
  • Abigail! (by R C Harris)
  • Day of Reckoning (by Pam Valentine)
  • The Suitor (by Leonard Morley)
  • Interior Designs (by Jimmie Chinn)
  • Wyrd Sisters (by Terry Pratchett)
  • Lady Windermere’s Fan (by Oscar Wilde)
  • Blithe Spirit (by Noel Coward)
  • Separate Tables (by Terence Rattigan)
  • Something Unspoken (by Tennessee Williams)
  • The Noble Spaniard (by W. Somerset Maugham)
  • Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime (by Constance Cox)
  • Knightsbridge (by John Mortimer)
  • The Light of Heart (by Emlyn Williams)